Certificate Material

Green Building Council Italy: Manifesto of Members
The buildings in which we live, work and have fun in our free time, represent the most significant human intervention with regard to the environmental impact and the use of natural resources. Design, build and live our settings in terms of environmental, social and economic development can and should be an achievable goal.

The Green Building Council Italy, in conjunction with the GBC in other countries and in particular with the U.S. GBC (which has ownership of the LEED rating system), is a voluntary association of companies, institutions and structures, based on consensus and on the enhancement of integration of scientific expertise and operational skills, pursuing, through the development and adaptation of LEED to the Italian context, the aim of market transforming in such a way that "green buildings" - buildings with low environmental impact – can become “normal” and accepted as real society elements. One of the first objectives will be the adaptation of LEED ® to Italian reality, to make an instrument of growth and development through the comparison with all those involved in sustainable construction.
The members of GBC Italy, sharing all this, choose to be active leaders engaging in first person, in their field as well as in the GBC Italy activities of the, to work for:

  • Develop and offer high-profile and successful sustainable building and products
  • Offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet the different needs of the real estate, consistent with the policies of sustainability and characterized by a high quality service for guests
  • Promote a continuous growth of skills in the building industry as a whole, and thus enhance the performance criteria of LEED Italy
  • Promoting tangible and intangible benefits of "green buildings" throughout the life cycle of buildings, including the environmental, economic and social benefits
  • Promote adherence to the GBC Italy between leaders and stakeholders of private and public real estate - develop tools and innovative support services for LEED products
  • Strengthening LEED as the standard of activities relating to "green buildings" for our homes and non-residential buildings and consolidate their developments in Italy and Europe
  • Make known to industrial sector the level reached by the most up to date and useful innovations
  • Support the GBC Italy in its LEED culture spread among citizens, businesses, governments at various levels as a reference to define and implement policies for sustainability.