To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we thought for you a range of exclusive and dedicated services:

  • Wellness Menu: to offer our guests a new and unique individual wellness program.
    Book it at our reception.
    Energizing: fruit or vegetables juice, aromatherapy with citrus notes, background music that gives energy and vitality;
    Toning: selection of Chinese teas and herbal teas, aromatherapy with sandalwood and spices, Eastern musical note
    Relaxing: hot milk with honey at bedtime or relaxing teas, aromatherapy with the fragrance of Ylang Ylang and soft background music to enjoy an excellent rest
  • Games Menu: let your children have fun while you enjoy a relaxing break.
    For our younger guests a selection of games for various ages to build in the freedom of your room.
    Our staff will be happy to provide more information
  • Morning concerts: the music therapy as ingredient of your morning, a musical space offered to guests in the Libreria Foyer during breakfast.
    The time expands, enriches and encourages listening, reflection and well-being.
  • Guest assistant: a reference for tips on shopping, restaurants and cultural events in the city to discover the soul of Milan.
  • Personal shopper: we rely on the cooperation of multilingual professionals who will advise and guide you in your choices.
    On-demand service
  • The Milano Scala Spa Experience: an exclusive choice of treatments and massages directly in your room to provide maximum comfort and relaxation.
    Brochure SPA treatments