Project "A Drop of Life" (Una goccia di vita)

Hotel Milano Scala supports the activities of AMREF
In line with the mission of sustainability and ethical responsibility that Hotel Milano Scala promotes since his opening, it was decided in 2013 to support the activities of AMREF - African Medical & Research Foundation for the construction of a giant well in Kenya.

HMS is the first Urban Oasis Hotel, the first hotel in Milan with Zero Emission that draws the required energy for underground water heating and cooling.

This virtuous use, this environmental benefit obtained by the availability of water, has led us to want to help those who do not have this good, and its deprivation is cause of backwardness and hard survival of large communities.

AMREF is a ONLUS always committed to bring aid to Central Africa countries and will achieve through our contribution, equal to the donation of 1 euro for each night of stay of our guests during 2013, a giant well in Kenya that will benefit and life to a community of over 200 people.

AMREF - The new hole