After the short summertime “break”, the great music will come back to Milan with a series of concerts and high level live performance that between September and December, will emotion the audience with some of the best national and international artist, easily reachable from Milano Scala Hotel. Here some of the main concerts until December.

About the live events, great names of Italian music will arrive on Milanese stages. Starting from the nice Lorenzo Cherubini, better known as his nickname Jovanotti and on the scene since 1988 will perforfm on 21st September at Milano Linate on “Jova Beach Party” viale Forlanini. This cool songwriter joins in his music pop and rap sounds with famous super hits as “Ragazzo fortunate” (Lucky boy) or “Bella” (Beauty girl) true and romantic poems as “A te” (To You).

About high level Italian music we can not forget the talented Francesco De Gregori that with his reserved and inspired stage presence will play on 23rd or 24th September at Arcimboldi Theatre. In these two evenings the charismatic songwriter will sing masterpieces as “Rimmel”, “Generale” and “La donna cannone” in an amazing orchestral version accompanied by the Gaga Symphony Orchestra.

Very intense and interesting also the other shows. On 14th October since 8 pm will perform at Alcatraz discoteque the finlandese group Rasmus that became very famous with the 90’s top chart success “In the Shadow”. In the same place, intense and sentimental melodies with the skilled English musician James Morrison that will play on 17th October hypnotic songs as “Wonderful world” and the gorgeous duet with Nelly Furtado in “Broken strings”. In november all the energy of the Spanish popstar Enrique Iglesias will be on stage on Mediolanum Forum at November 2nd since 8pm with full rhytmed songs as “Bailamos”.

Heavy metal and hard rock “made in Italy” and strong vibes with the turinese Linea 77 that will play at Alcatraz, since 9,30 pm with sounds that recall bands as “rage against the machine” and “Helmet” and very ironic tracks as “Ketchup suicide”. On 19th November Piero Pelù,  the magnetic and rebel ex Litfiba leader will sing his best solo songs at Alcatraz since 9 pm as “Io ci sarò” or “Prendimi così”. On 22nd November , since 9 pm, wil be the time for the good songwriter as Daniele Silvestri that plays at Mediolanum Forum original and deep melodies as the beautiful “Le cose che abbiamo in comune” in Jazz style or the dark and intense “Strade di Francia”. To finish this autumn schedule there will be,always at the Forum stage, the brilliant female songwriter Elisa that became very famous in 1996 with her success “Labyrinth” and the powerful and expressive vocal style.

Two dates in December, on 12th and 15th of the month, at Forum Mediolanum for the incredible Canadian songwriter Brian Adams. With his unique way of singing and performing, melodic and sentimental as well, the great musician will execute top 80’s classics as “Heaven”, one of his most famous songs.