Leonardo Da Vinci has lived only 67 years, but he was a restless and versatile genius that became internationally famous as painter, engineer and inventor. In Milan he spent one his most intense and creative period and many places of the city still today show the passage of this genius. 

Leonardo arrived in Milan as engineer in 1482 and he soon demonstrated an exceptional talent stimulated by this city, that he seemed to appreciate so much (as he lived here almost twenty years, leaving definitely in 1500). 

From next May, 2019, on occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, Milano is going to celebrate this special partnership with Leonardo Da Vinci with many events and exhibitions. But, while waiting, we propose to our readers several places in Milan where you can find the Milanese heritage of this big genius.

Let’s discover them with this following tour, starting from Hotel Milano Scala!


In Piazza Scala, in the full city center, you can admire the beautiful monument of Leonardo realized in 1872 by the sculptor Pietro Magni, that constitutes a very intense tribute to this artist. This statue was built in a very precise way by this prodigious sculptor and represents the great Da Vinci with a contemplative expression immersed in his thoughts in a statue higher more than 4 meters. The monument is very interesting in its complex not only for this particular statue, but also for some little panels that resume the artistic talents of this Genius (for example, in one frame Leonardo is portrayed while painting the Last Supper, in another one during the realization of the horse of the Sforza family, or in the construction of military and hydraulic works). Another unusual note about this monument is the representation of four great Leonardo’s disciples that learnt from him the secrets of art and perspective as Cesare Da Sesto, author of great paintings and drawings.


The Pinacoteca di Brera owns several masterpieces like the drawings “Uomo a mezzo busto” (Half lengthy man), where right soon are recognizable his meticulous precision, and his technical studies in “Studi tecnici sul contatore d’acqua per Bernardino Rucellai”.


Curious, versatile and always looking for new ideas and contents, Leonardo as few authors - as Pascal, Montaigne or Aristoteles - he explored many subjects even very different from each other, from Philosophy to Mathematics, from Astronomy to botanical matters, to the first intuitions about flying machines, all reported in a manuscript of more than thousand pages divided in 12 volumes. This endless amount of knowledge is called “Atlantic Code” and it is showed at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, resuming the life and the restless work of this genius since 1478 until 1519, when he died.

In the same museum it is possible to admire “Ritratto di Musico” (Portrait of a Musician) made in 1485.


Without any doubt, one of the most renowned works of Leonardo is the “Last Supper” hosted in the church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. A true masterpiece of historical and cultural importance due to the sublime pictorial technique and its stylistic perfection, the representation is at the same time an emotional and realistic tale. Until now, nobody knew anything about the birth of this painting but since 13th October until 13th January the genesis  and the early drawings that formed the painting will be shown in the interesting exposition “Prime idee per l’Ultima Cena”(First ideas for the Last Supper”) that will be located in the church od Santa Maria Delle Grazie. This is a little but intense event that will expose ten very rare drawings, kindly lent by The Royal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II. This exposition is an important opportunity to understand the mysteries and the secrets of this immortal artistic masterpiece appreciating even more its beauty and expressiveness.


About the places where Leonardo had lived in Milan, just in front of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie there is “La Casa degli Atellani”, a wonderful Renassaince building where it is assumed the great Master lived while he was painting his “Cenacolo”. An beautiful palace, re-opened in 2015 with Expo, restaured and rebuilt in the 20th century by the architect Piero Portaluppi, that was able to maintain the original project and highlight its magnificence.


This museum is nominated after Leonardo so that it’s quite easy to consider it a perfect place to know and admire his genius not only with a series of drawings and technological inventions but especially with the brand new “Leonardo Parade”, a very fascinating exposition ready to get close together science, art and prodigious flying inventions and water vehicles. In the rooms of this event, you can see not only projects and artworks but also models in plaster and earthenware that show the precise realism typical of his creative, technological and practical mindset. Apart from this exposition, this Museum is divided in many sections, some dedicated to the Genius as “Arte e Scienza” and “La Galleria Leonardo Da Vinci”, with some turning machines and architectural projects about ideal cities and amazing surprises. In this section interesting insights about his studies on anatomy, geology and cartography.


In this list it is necessary to mention the “Sala delle Asse” at the Sforza Castle in Milan, a big room entirely decorated by Leonardo in 1498. He painted the ceiling  with many depictions of trees and vegetables obtaining an extraordinary result. Working incessantly for Ludovico Il Moro, with this work he wanted to give tribute to his prestigious patron with fascinating naturalistic drawings as a big frame to the emblem of the Sforza family, to whom Ludovico Duke of Milan and husband of Beatrice d’Este belonged.

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