Despite the constant presence of PM10 and other pollutants in Milan air and in all Lombardy, Hotel Milano Scala rooms have a high quality indoor air thanks to a particular purification air system, a new fronteer in hotel hospitality.

F9 system (the same used in hospitals to reduce contaminations), filters air in all rooms day and night, providing our guests with a peaceful deeper night’s sleep with breathing benefits too.

Since 2010 Hotel Milano Scala has been a pioneer of zero emission system and committed in the constant reduction of consumptions and energy waste. Today Hotel Milano Scala is a pioneer of “clean air indoor system”, with a great attention to guests’ health, something that will become more and more required by those who are aware of environmental and health problems.

An Eco vision that is achieving greater and greater results: Hotel Milano Scala Co2 outside emissions have been equal to zero for nine years and starting from this year even indoor pollution has been reduced by 80%.

This committment wants to increase awareness in the hotelerie world: indoor zero emissions as a hospitality new frontier.

I consider the project another important goal in the eco-sustainability commitment Hotel Milano Scala has been undertaking  since 2010 – explains Vittorio Modena, creator of Hotel Milano Scala. “Our vision leads us to important goals: in 9 years we succeeded in reaching outdoor 0 emission particulates and a strong decrease in the indoor ones. We want all this for our customers and our town”.