Hotel Milano Scala is a unique place for plenty of reasons, not only for his location in the hearth of the picturesque Brera district, so close to the Milan city center and the most renowned monuments, but also as an “ideal place” for the Opera fans and great classical music lovers. In fact, our Guests can reach the beautiful “Teatro La Scala” - one of the most worldwide acclaimed symbol of Milan, not only musically but also culturally and artistically - in just few minutes by feet from the Hotel (which takes its name exactly from the theatre).

From May to September so many events, concerts and musical evenings are in program, ready to entertain music listeners and calssical experts that, staying at our hotel, can easily get to the Theatre and enjoy their passion for music.


Until 3rd of June: Giuseppe Verdi’s “Aida” with Zefirelli and Oren

Until the 3rd of June, music lovers will have the unique opportunity to see the “Aida” in a very special version, with the direction of the praised Franco Zeffirelli - a leading name in cinema direction with films as “Romeo and Juliet” and in theatre productions- and with the musical direction of the acclaimed Israeli conductor Daniel Oren, a great expert of Italian Opera renowned for his precision and energy in his way of conducting. 

The AIDA is one of the most famous Verdi’s piece. The plot takes place In the Ancient Egypt and recounts the vicissitudes of Aida, the main character and daughter of the Ethiopian king, that lives a passionate love affair with Radames, a military hero of the Pharaoh army.

A very exciting romance full of surprises with an outstanding cast.


From the 5th until the 30th of June: Schubert in Opera with “Fierrabras” 

Fierrabras is a very interesting and quite unknown work of the great Austrian Romantic composer Franz Schubert, an extraordinary composer that wrote important compositions as his “Lieder” or his most famous “Ave Maria”.

The story takes place during the Crusades in Spain in Middle Age era and narrates the adventures of the knight Fierrabras and other stories connected with its life – such as the flirt of its sister with a soldier of Charles The Great’s army or the parallel story the Great King’s daughter with another soldier. 


From the 29th of June to the 19th July: "The Pirate” of Vincenzo Bellini

Another great composer as the Sicilian Vincenzo Bellini, internationally acclaimed for his  “Norma”, is about to be presented at La Scala Theatre with “The Pirate”, a minor but very fascinating Opera. 

The story is about a love affair in the Middle Age Sicily between Imogene and Gualtiero, challenged by the proud duke Ernesto Di Caldora because of his rivalry with Imogene's father.


From the 18th of June to the 7th of July: Great emotions with “Fidelio"

Between July and September, before the usual August summer break, great operas and famous representations are scheduled. Since the 18th of June to the 7th of July, the Beethoven’s “Fidelio” will be on stage with its plot of betraying, passions, revenges and freedom.

The protagonist is the Spanish dictator Don Pizarro that, eager for power, has sent to jail his rival Florestan in order to have the total control on the whole city of Siviglia. But Lenore, Florestan’s wife, doesn’t give up and decides to look for him and to seek revenge on the cruel king. 


Autumn news: “Ernani" and "Ali Babà and forty thieves"

Many interesting events are on schedule also for September with ballets and extraordinary representations, among the others: Cherubini with “Ali Baba and the forty thieves”, directed by the talented filmmaker Liliana Cavani and the return of the great Giuseppe Verdi with “Ernani” opera.

These are just some suggestions of what is about to come at La Scala Theatre, more information are available on


If you are looking for coming to Milan to go to one of the best theatre in the world, Hotel Milano Scala is the prefect location for your stay, just few steps away from La Scala Theatre.

The Hotel takes its name after the renowned Theatre and its ambience recalls the magic atmosphere of the stage, becoming a reference point for Opera lovers but also for famous conductor and lyric singers that choose our hotel for their stay in Milan.


We would be very pleased to assist you for further details and booking, our Concierge Riva is so talented in advising the best suggestions for your stay in Milan and she is at your complete disposal for any kind of assistance.


We look forward to have you as our Guests, you won’t regret it!