This summer no vacation for the great music,and between June and July in Milan there will be great concerts for all the musical tastes , from rock, to pop, to  Italian artists.

On 19thJune, another English pop star as Ed Sheeran that will make an exhibition at San Siro Stadium (reachable from Milano Scala, from Cadorna to Garibaldi by MM2 and later MM5 to San Siro station) envolving the audience with his expressive voice and his sentimental and melodic style as in the emotional song “Perfect”.

The same day at Assago Forum will play a Heavy Metal English band as Def Leppard, born in UK in 1977 and still around.

In July other great shows in the musical program. Always about great 70’s legends, on 2th July in San Siro Ippodromo will perform a legendary and trasgressive band as Kiss around in musical business since half century with international successes as “I was made for loving you”. Characterized by the charisma of the bass player Gene Simmons and their singer Paul Stanley this group they became famous worldwide, not only for the music or their look, but also for their eccentric exhibitions.

A very important band, that will be 40 years old career, are Incognito and they will play on 9thJuly at Castello Sforzesco.

Definitely envolving and expressive is the English rock band Muse that will do two dates in San Siro Stadium, 12thand 13thJuly that is famous since 20 years for great songs as “New Born” and “Plug in baby”.

Last great appointment with foreigner music is on 17thJuly with Ben Harper in San Siro passing through many musical genres from rock to reggae with his usual singing and instrumental talent with intense 90’s classic as “When she believes”, “With my own to hands” and the hopeful “Diamonds on the inside”.

In the late part of June great Italian music concerts. On the 28thof June in San Siro will play the great songwriter Ligabue that in one evening will perform new successes and old classics of his past as “Non è tempo per noi” or “Certe notti” from one of his best album “Buon compleanno Elvis” of 1995 revealing to the audience his deep psychological  and introspective inspiration as in songs “Non dovete badare al cantante”.

On 5thJuly at Castello Sforzesco will perform the talented songwriter Vinicio Capossela born in Germany from a family from northern Campania with songs as “Il ballo di San Vito” e “Cos’è l’amor”.

Other two important dates are Nada concert in Castello Sforzesco as always, on july 11th.

She is a talented artist that became famous in the ‘80’s with songs as “Amore disperato” in 1983 and the Italian rock band as Marlene Kuntz that will perform on 18thJuly at Sesto San Giovanni Carroponte with songs intense and full of energy and rhytm.