A vegetable garden in Milano Scala Hotel seems a really strange thing, but since long time there is an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables growing during the different seasons and climates of the year: tomatoes, yellow zucchini, Brussels sprouts, coffee plants are the species situated in the 6th floor of the building where it is located also the amazing terrace with its panoramic view. For having more informations about it, here the interview released by its gardener, the nice Milanese 34 years old Alessandro Granata that resumes his professional career and other curiosities

How could you resume our biography and professional ways?

Despite my family of gardeners, since my granfather’s flower shop in via Padova and later in viale Monza, I began this job 8 years ago with my father, who began to extend his activities to hotels and companies, at the beginning I was working beside him and since then i never stop.

Some brief detail about our garden?

It is very important to understand better the qualities of this garden, the season and the different vegetable varieties, the cherry trees, the figues, apricots as it happens in wintertime, but in the spring we have yellow zucchini and in summer we switch to  coffee plants, canapa, tomatoes and courgettes. Last but not least, the delicious Cardoncelli mushrooms very tasty also to eat. I am very glad about my work here and many hotel guests seem to appreciate it too wth positive commentaries. 

Which are the good and the bad sides of this job? 

It is necessary to be very patient and to have a lot of care and commitment to this job. Practice is the most important thing: it is impossible to succeed in what we are doing without patience and passion for experimentation. This is the merit and the limit of this job, the continuous experimentation is always very hard but it gives a lot of satisfactions.  

If you can describe any drawback of your work? 

One of the most tough points of my job is to be careful of many tiny but dangerous insects, paying attention to avoid any possible damage. Among the plants,  one of the most delicate ones is Butxus, a kind of very delicate shrub that grows in the external part of the Hotel. 

Orto/ Vegetable Garden - Hotel Milano Scala