In this autumn arrival, the great music will invade Milan with its energy with a series of incredible concerts and events that all the music fans can not lose, and all very easily reachable from Milano Scala Hotel. Here a schedule of the main live pop and rock gigs of this period. For tickets: 



Morcheeba, 5 november Alcatraz

A "legendary" band of the 90's were for sure Morcheeba trio and their great singer Skye Edwards and with their soft and classful kind of music they marked a decade recording a dozen of albums during  a 20 years career. They recenly published a new album as "Blaze away" but this english band made up tue classics as "Blindfold" from their great success "Big calm" in 1998 a gloomy and beautiful work and the brilliant "Fragments of freedom" two years later that confirmed and augmented their popularity with the wonderful and Aretha Franklin style song "Rome wasn't built in a day"-



Cesare Cremonini 9th and 10th november Mediolanum Forum Assago

The talented Cesare Cremonini did a long way since his band “Lunapop” and their album “Squerez” that made a huge success between the young generations at that time in the late 90’s . With his voice and his charisma this magnetic entertainer will perform in two dates at Forum and a sure “sold out” is easy to forecast because his great success. Direct and intense melodies as “Padre Madre” and old songs as “Qualcosa di grande” will be ready to emotion the audience.  

Elisa 19th November  Teatro Dal Verme

In the great italian music we can not miss Elisa. This amazing songwriter last year celebrated here 20 years career and she is a really complete and versatile artist, renowned for being one of the few Italian vocalists to sing in english.  A really intense artist capable to hypnotize the audience with great interpretations of songs as “Labyrinth” or the immense”City lights” to the so many songs that in the recent years she began to sing in Italian as “Luce”written by Zucchero or “Gli ostacoli del cuore” sang with another great songwriter of this generations as Ligabue. 

Negramaro 23rd november Mediolanum Forum Assago

One of the most successful italian bands are the great Negramaro that will conquer the Forum stage inthis late november concert. Despite the severe health problems of their guitarist Lele Spedicato that seems to be recovered, the band headed by the singer Giuliano Sangiorgi is preparing to this live with music and charisma  in their career begun in 2000 reaching national success in 2005 with the single “Mentre tutto scorre” performed with the usual powerful energy from this band. Feeling, atmosphere and rapid and direct melodies. 

Edoardo Bennato, 27th november , Teatro Degli Arcimboldi

Finishing this list of performance, the great songwriter Edoardo Bennato and his intense and deep songwtiting many times very brilliant will bring to the theatre Arcimboldi the magic of his song in almost half century career and his success begun in 70’ with masterpieces as “Cantautore” or “L’isola che non c’è” or the vibrant “Mangiafuoco”. Energy and inspiration for this very original artist of great cultural and musical level that has revolutioned the song of Naples with his Bob Dylan and folk influenced style. 


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