Protection of the environment and environmental awareness are increasingly emphasized in tourism. People get aware about the impact of tourism activities on the environment and more often tend to choose the “greenest” option.

National Geographic is worldwide one of the most acknowledged magazines about eco-tourism, nature and landscape.

In order to emphasize the importance of eco-tourism Uk National Geographic Traveler magazine released a new innovative, creative special issue of its Collection series (annual series of luxury coffee-table styled books) in August 2019 dedicated to green hotels making a difference entitled The Earth Collection ( 

The Earth Collection features a selected group of eco-friendly and sustainable hotels all around the world contributing to environmental protection. 36 properties are part of the special edition with eight of them located in Europe and only one in Italy: Hotel Milano Scala

Since its opening in September 2010, Hotel Milano Scala is focused on eco sustainability as a core value, and a true green oasis in the center of Milan.

The hotel is accommodated in an old palazzo dating back to the end of the XIX century which is well- adjusted in the surrounding architectural landscape. Since its opening the Hotel MilanoScala has been committed to reducing energy consumption and wastage wherever possible and is proud to be the first Zero CO2 emissions hotel in Milan for the past nine years, equivalent to a reduction of 400 tons of CO2 emissions annually and energy savings of 35% in respect to a traditional natural-gas system. 

With a new filtration system, the indoor air pollution could be reduced by more than 80% since the beginning of 2019. It is an innovative system that contributes to the improvement of the health of those living in the buildings. The system filters the air in the rooms day and night, providing guests with a peaceful and deeper night’s sleep in pure air.

Hotel Milano Scala Uk National Geographic Traveler Earth Collection Hotel Milano Scala Uk National Geographic Traveller Earth Collection Hotel Milano Scala Uk National Geographic Traveller Earth Collection